CO2 Production Plant

Product Description

MOS Techno Engineers CO2 production plant is compact, flexible to operate and maintain, our CO2 gas plant run from low sulphur content diesel, kerosene or natural gas. Our extensive assortment of CO2 Plant comprises Diesel Fired Based Carbon Dioxide Production Plant, Natural Gas Based Carbon dioxide Production Plant, Bio Mass Based Carbon Dioxide Production Plant and Charcoal-Fired Based Carbon Dioxide Production Plant. They are fully automated CO2 Gas Plant and use a low density of liquefied monoethanolamine solution to efficiently and safely produce the highest quality gaseous food grade CO2 production, liquid CO2 production suitable for usage in making Carbonated Beverages.

Our CO2 Gas Plant has a production rate of carbon dioxide is oppressive at plastics, fertilizers, rubber and various other industries. The CO2 gas plant is automatically fulfilled comprehensive Cryogenic Air Separation Unit CO2 purification and CO2 liquefaction on a turnkey basis. Our skilled and qualified technicians assure each new CO2 plant is precisely installed and commissioned and operatives trained for proper operation and maintenance procedures.

CO2 Plant Specification

Capacity Fuel (diesel) Kg/hr Water m3/hr Power KW
80 Kg/hr 28 0.7 58
100 Kg/hr 35 0.9 58
150 Kg/hr 52.5 1.4 75
200 Kg/hr 70 1.9 90
250 Kg/hr 87.4 2.4 100
300 Kg/hr 104.9 2.9 110
400 Kg/hr 139.9 3.8 135
500 Kg/hr 175 4.6 170
1000 Kg/hr 349 8.6 240
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