Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Product Description

We fabricate, supply and establish onsite the extensive assortment of cryogenic storage tanks/vessels in the CH Series are designed for low-pressure transportation and storage of liquefied gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Employing vacuum insulated cryogenic storage tanks and vessels are intended to be conveniently obtainable at lower extents and are excellent for synergy with LN2 liquefiers. Our engineers build tank structure with inner and outer vessels that are filled with an insulating material so comfortable to move in the lab or plant. A unique fully automated maintenance system assures sturdiness and persistence without losing thermal efficiency.

Cryogenic Storage Tank Specification

Codes I.S. 2825 / ASME Section – VIII DIV-1 and SMPV (U) Rules
Design Pressure 3 Kg to 40 Kg/cm2
Working Pressure 1 Kg to 38 Kg/cm2
Design Temperature -196°C (-320°F)
Capacity 1000 liters to 100000 letters working vol.
Vapor Space 6 to 10 % of working capacity
Daily Evaporation Rate(Liquid Ar) 0.2% to 1.2% per day
Standard Designs 1000 liters, 3000 liters, to 5000 liters, 10000 liters, 11500 liters and 15000 liters, 20000 liters, 25,000 liters, 50000 liters capacities
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