Oxygen Filling Station

Product Description

Mos techno engineers have a comprehensive assortment of Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station utilised for medical oxygen generation and eventually filling cylinders of any capacity up to 200 bar. The Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station can be placed at the hospital directly and employ the filling ramp as a backup operation. Oxygen filling station can be supplied oxygen cylinder concurrently or throughout hours with low consumption. Oxygen generators generate the highest virtue of medical grade oxygen from compressed air on site and offer a low cost, dependable and trustworthy alternative to conventional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid.

Mos Medical Oxygen Generators are available in 20 standard designs with capacity varying from 0,4 to 150 Nm3/hour at 95% pureness. The design is constructed for the performance of the uninterpreted operation. Our Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station consists of essentials components such as air compressor, dryer, filtration etc. Oxygen filling plant can be enhanced with further features to accouche the product more sufficient to operate, remote control, flow meter and flow control device or energy saving valve, etc.

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